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Development And Growth Of A3 Sublimation Paper

Lid sinds 29 okt 2020
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A3 sublimation paper label printing has become a topic of much discussion in the industry in the past two years. In addition to the application, development, maturity, and perfection of the printing process itself, the overall peripheral supply chain is gradually enriched and improved. It can be said that the current industry competition is very fierce. With the shortening of the mature process technology cycle, it can be predicted that the industry competition will be more intense in the future. For printing companies based on long-term development, it is very important to cooperate with suppliers for mutual benefit in order to obtain the strength of sustainable operation. In terms of printing cost, how to choose a good supplier has become a topic that printing companies must face, because raw materials account for a considerable part of printing costs. As a part of the overall supply chain of the industry, printing companies and suppliers effectively cooperate and obtain the best cost-effective products are tasks that printing companies must carefully review. After all, the underprice competition of roll sublimation paper is not the way for the long-term development of the industry, and win-win is the way for the industry to develop and grow.