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The Correct Choice Of China Nut

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  Note on the use of China Nut: Stainless steel and carbon steel are essentially different. Stainless steel has good ductility. Improper use can cause screws and nuts to loosen. Commonly referred to as "locking" or "bite". The improvement of locking can be considered from the following aspects:

1. Choose China Nut correctly:

(1) Confirm whether the mechanical properties of the product meet the requirements (such as the safety load and tensile strength of the bolt and nut) before use;

(2) The length of the bolt should be properly selected, subject to the 1-2 pitch of the nut exposed after tightening.

2. Reduce the friction coefficient of China Nut:

(1) The thread must be kept clean;

(2) Add lubricant (eg butter, 40 # engine oil) before use.

 3. Correct operation method of China Nut:

(1) The nut must be tightened perpendicular to the axis of the screw and cannot be tilted;

(2) During the tightening process, the force must be applied evenly, and the force must not exceed the safe torque value (with a safe torque table);

(3) Use socket wrenches or torque wrenches as much as possible, and avoid using electric wrenches or adjustable wrenches;

(4) It must be cooled when used under high temperature. Do not rotate it quickly during use, otherwise the temperature will rise quickly and cause locking (such as electric wrench, etc.)

 4. China Nut Safe Torque Reference Table:

(1) Equipment used: torque wrench, vice, matching sleeve:

(2) Performance level of screws and nuts; A2-70, 304 material, tensile strength: 700N / mm², drop strength: 450N / mm²;

(3) Operation method: clamp the screw head vertically on the bench vice, clamp the workpiece, flat washer and spring washer in between, and tighten the nut evenly. The force on the nut is as follows: After setting this value, the nut will no longer be able to be unscrewed smoothly.

(4) China Nut Safe Torque Table: Unit: Nm size M20-2.5 M18-2.5 M16-2.0 M14-2.0 M12-1.75 safe torque 220 180 150 100 55 size M10-1.5 M8-1.25 M6-1.0 safe torque 40 40 9.

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