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Correct Application Of Manual Corn Seeder

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   Correct use of Manual Corn Seeder
1. Before operation, first choose the tractor and universal joint that match the machine tool. After the machine tool is matched with the power, make the frame left and right, front and rear (the angle between the universal joint and the horizontal plane of the machine should be within ±10° (Inside) Maintain a horizontal state. If not, adjust the length of the left and right pull rods and the central diagonal pull rod of the tractor suspension mechanism to solve the problem.
  2. When working on a plot of upright straw, the plot must be properly leveled first, and then the machine and tools must be used for work.
3. When starting, combine the power output shaft when the tool is 15 cm off the ground, let it idle for 1 minute, put on the working gear, slowly loosen the clutch pedal; at the same time, operate the tractor hydraulic lifting adjustment handle, and then increase the throttle. Gradually put the machine into the soil until the normal sowing depth.
  4. During operation, the forward speed of the machine should not be too fast. Generally, it should be kept within the range of 1-3 kilometers per hour. Keep a constant speed and straight forward during driving, and try to avoid shifting or stopping in the middle. If it is necessary to stop the machine, do not move the machine back and forth to avoid replay or missed play.
5. When turning the ground, the power of the machine should be cut off first, and the machine should be raised before turning; when the machine is falling, the tool should be turned normally before entering the soil, and the machine should be slowly lowered during travel. Do not drop the machine suddenly. So as not to damage the knives and block the seed and fertilizer openers.
  6. ​​During operation, pay attention to adding seeds and fertilizers in time. The amount of seeds and fertilizers in the seeds and fertilizer boxes shall not be less than 1/4 of the volume of the seeds and fertilizer boxes. When the relative soil moisture content is ≥70%, operation should be stopped.
  7. Pay attention to check the seed metering (fertilizer) device, the seeding (fertilizer) tube metering (fertilizer) situation and the seeding quality, and solve the problems in time.
   8. Pay attention to the working conditions of the machine and tools, if any abnormalities are found, repair them in time. If you want to check rotating parts or replace parts, you should cut off the power of the implement, and if necessary, turn off the tractor.
   9. The unit cannot go backwards under working conditions, and personnel should not approach the moving parts; it is strictly forbidden to stand behind the machine.
  10. When the machine tool is transferred to the plot, the machine tool should be raised to the highest position, and the farm tool should be locked in the transport position with the locking device.
  11. For each shift of the machine, check the oil level of all fasteners, rotating tools, and gearboxes, and add lubricating oil and grease to all bearing oil nozzles, universal joint expansion tubes, chains and other parts.
  12. After each operation of Knapsack Fertilizer Machine, it is necessary to promptly remove the soil on the grass separating disc, ditch opener and suppression wheel, and pay special attention to cleaning the fertilizer system.