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Corn Thresher Technology

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Rice cultivation is one of the most difficult agricultural practices. Rice planting requires a lot of hard work and hard work. The grower must suffer from serious health problems, such as back pain, bone problems, etc. Therefore, China Rice Planting Machine is a gift of technology, and it solves this problem.

What is a rice transplanter?

The rice transplanter is basically a machine that transplants rice seedlings onto the rice field. The rice transplanter consists of a propeller, a transmission device, an engine, a tug, a seedling tray (that is, a bundle of rice seedlings are glued together), a seedling tray shifter, and a picking tool that is picking fork.


Basically, there are two types of rice transplanters:

Riding type

Walking type

The riding rice transplanter is a rice transplanter that can be operated by an electric motor. It can transplant six to eight rows at a time.

And, the walking transplanter works manually, passing four seedlings at a time.

You can change the spacing between a row and a single seedling in the same row by simple adjustments. The rice transplanter can provide excellent work and efficiency because the rice transplanter sows seeds with uniform gaps and depths and extremely fast speeds. And thanks to the rice transplanter, the plantation can be completed with very little labor.

Corn Thresher can not only help you complete the plantation within the time limit, it can also help you save money because you need less work. Rice transplanter is only a one-time investment by farmers.