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Corn Thresher Startup Problem   

Lid sinds 23 sep 2020
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   We are a company specializing in the production and operation of Corn Thresher. We have a broad market with high-quality products. We will continue to work hard to satisfy more customers and pursue perfection. The following is an explanation of Corn Thresher failure analysis.
Common fault 1: Corn Thresher cannot start working. First check whether the fuel injector is injecting fuel, and then check whether the fuel tank is running out of fuel, or whether the fuel is clean; check whether the fuel supply time is correct, the valve clearance is adjusted correctly, and the compression ratio is not up. In addition, insufficient air intake will also cause failure to start.
   Common fault two: Corn Thresher is difficult to start. First check whether the cylinder liner has broken scars, then check whether the pressure relief handle is opened; then check whether the crankshaft bearing is severely worn. In addition, the oil should be refueled according to the specified label.
   Common fault 3: Manual Seeder diesel is poorly atomized. In addition to the problem of the nozzle, the poor diesel atomization is mostly caused by the wear of the high-pressure oil pump, low pressure, and low oil volume.