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   Mochi Ice Cream Machine is composed of two parts, a mold forming system and a pallet chain conveying system. They are driven by speed-regulating motors, and the production speed can be adjusted. The molding system is equipped with a feeding roller, a mold roller and a rubber roller. The prepared fabric is put into the hopper, and it is formed into a peach crisp blank by the feeding and extrusion of the feeding roller and the mold roller, and then it is dragged by the rubber roller. The canvas belt conveys the blanks to the bakeware. The pallet chain is driven by a speed-adjusting motor, and the spacing of the peach crisps on the flat plate can be determined according to the production needs. In addition, the peach crisp biscuit machine is also equipped with multiple adjustment mechanisms in the structure: canvas tensioning and deviation adjustment mechanism, splitting knife left and right and up and down adjustment mechanisms, canvas dipping and cleaning and scraping mechanism, feeding gap adjustment mechanism, etc. From feeding to forming, drying, conveying, oil injection, cooling, waste recycling, etc., the peach crisp biscuit machine realizes automatic completion of all the processes of electromechanical integration, and can produce all kinds of trendy biscuits on the domestic and foreign markets. At the same time, it is especially suitable for baking cakes, moon cakes, bread, peach crisps and other foods. The technical performance of the peach crisp biscuit machine is comparable to that of imported equipment. It is a project with low investment, low risk and quick results, and the economic benefits are considerable!
   Peach crisp biscuit machine is mainly composed of furnace body, steel (mesh) belt frequency conversion speed control conveying system, electrical control system and other parts. It has the advantages of automatic control, stable furnace temperature, energy saving and consumption reduction, safety and hygiene. The furnace body of the oven is divided into multiple sections, and the single section furnace body is a steel plate section welding structure, which has good rigidity, and the inner and outer dimensions are regular and consistent. After being installed together, the joints are small, the inner hall is well sealed, and the heat preservation effect is good. The heating methods are divided into electricity and coal. The electric oven uses electric heating quartz tubes. The peach crisp biscuit machine has fast heating, high thermal efficiency and energy saving. The advantages of low consumption, stable temperature, long service life and so on. Coal-burning heating, using coal as fuel, heat transfer oil as carrier, using the same temperature circulating oil pump for forced circulation, transferring the heat energy to the heating equipment, and then returning to the reheated direct-flow special industrial furnace.
  Cookies Making Machine manufacturers The peach crisp biscuit machine has a simple structure, and the separating knife is equipped with an adjustment device, which can be adjusted to the best position. The roller printing roller is specially designed to overcome the uneven wear of the separating knife. The pattern roller is taken out to a nearly vertical position, which is convenient for replacement. This machine is divided into pan-type hot-air rotary oven and tunnel oven for direct baking. A new type of multi-color sandwich biscuit machine is composed of multiple broken single-layer rolling mills. Between the feeding hopper and the conveying canvas in the single machine body, the peach pastry biscuit machine is equipped with five distinguishing transmission devices and energy sources. The rollers connected by the device, when multiple single machines are combined, use a uniform strip to convey the canvas. The use of this biscuit machine effectively overcomes the shortcomings of the existing techniques. There is continuous and easy feeding, and the thickness of the dough can be adjusted. The output speed of the machine is relatively consistent, and it can be equipped with the function of spreading between the single machines, and any single machine can be used as the strength of the forming machine, which better guarantees the quality of the biscuits.