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The Connection Function Of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt

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Hexagon Socket Head Bolt made of high-grade alloys enables industries such as aerospace, mining, and oil and gas to push the limits. As the ultimate tensile strength requirement exceeds 200ksi, this newsletter reviews these materials, their specific properties and niches.


17-4 PH aging
The range of hardened, 17-4PH fasteners is 125-200ksi, but under H900 conditions, their yield strength is 4 times that of 316 stainless steel.
Niche: Customize the strength through several different age hardening conditions.


With less than 200 ksi in UTI, Waspaloy fasteners maintain one of the highest strengths at high temperatures.
Niche: Strength exceeds Inconel 718 at extreme temperatures exceeding 1300F.


Inconel 718 bolts have very high strength at high temperatures and excellent resistance to various corrosive media.
Niche: A unique combination of strength, temperature and corrosion resistance.


MP159 MP159 fasteners are strength
One of the highest alloys, its strength capability is slightly lower than the sister alloy MP35N, but it can be used at higher temperatures up to 1100F.
Niche: Excellent strength and good temperature resistance.


The ultimate tensile strength of MP35N bolts is as high as 294ksi and can be used for 800F. Like MP159, they have good corrosion resistance to most inorganic acids, hydrogen sulfide and sea water.
Niche: The strongest fastener material on the market.


China Stud Supplier believes that when strength and high temperature are needed
High-strength materials are usually required under extreme temperature conditions. This chart ranks the high temperature capabilities of these alloys.