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Common Use Of Laminated Steel Padlock Factory

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Common problems and solutions for safety padlocks

  The safety padlock of Laminated Steel Padlock factory is very common in our daily life, so its problems sometimes often occur, such as the lock beam does not jump, the lock core cannot be rotated, the key is stuck in the lock core, and the key is inserted and removed. There is resistance.


     The lock beam did not jump:


  The main reason that the lock beam of the safety padlock did not jump is because the position of the lock beam is too large. At this time, we can insert the key into the lock core of the safety padlock, and then twist it to the open state to keep it still, and then use it. The tool can be solved by gently tapping down from the top of the key.


     The lock cylinder cannot be rotated:


    The main reason for the lock core of the safety padlock cannot be rotated may be due to the excessive frictional resistance inside the lock core, coupled with the long-term idle of the safety padlock, resulting in the rust on the core and key socket of the safety padlock. At this time, we can Add a small amount of lubricating oil or graphite powder into the lock cylinder.


     The key is stuck in the lock cylinder:


     When using the key to open the lock, the bottom of the root of the key is broken in the inner part of the lock. At this time, we need to use a tool to take out the broken part of the key. If the key is broken in the inner part of the lock from the middle, we can only disassemble the cover on the safety padlock, wait for the broken key to be removed and then reinstall it, and finally reclose it with aluminum wire.


    There is resistance to the insertion and removal of the key:


     There is resistance to inserting and pulling out the keys of the safety padlocks of Stainless Steel Lock Suppliers because the safety padlocks have been used for too long and the locks are aging. In this case, we can use graphite powder (pencil powder) to sprinkle into the lock core. Yes, remember not to use lubricating oil at this time.