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Chunmee Tea In Moderation

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Tea can be said to be the healthiest beverage today. Some people use tea instead of boiled water every day. In fact, this is very harmful to the body. Let’s follow Zhenan Green Tea Factory today for a detailed understanding.
Just like drinking too much water will cause problems, things will be reversed, and this theory is applicable everywhere.
Of course, when encountering good tea, the author will make an exception. After drinking all day, the boiled water will stand aside. More than a dozen or even twenty models, superimposed back to Ganshengjin wave after wave, this is the happiness of the exclusive tea maker. (This practice of temporarily damaging the body has been tried and tested.)
But for ordinary people, the author recommends that the amount of tea consumed per day should not exceed 20 grams (within about 3 bubbles), which is more suitable for the body.
So for those old tea oil seeds who feel uncomfortable if they don’t drink tea every day, and use tea instead of water, the author also has a few practical suggestions to share with you:
First, tea polyphenols are anti-oxidant, but too much can stimulate the intestines and stomach
What are the consequences of replacing water with tea every day? (The effect of contained substances on the body)
The most important substances in tea are: tea polyphenols, alkaloids, amino acids, etc., and tea polyphenols are used in many industries, especially in the beauty industry and medical industry, which can improve the body's resistance to the outside world. Although the content of tea polyphenols in tea is also limited, they have certain effects on the human body.
But at the same time, tea polyphenols (mainly catechins) and alkaloids can accelerate gastrointestinal motility and increase gastric acid at the same time. This is why it is easier to be hungry faster than drinking old raw tea and old mature tea. .
After all, after old tea is aged, the content of tea polyphenols and alkaloids will be decomposed by microorganisms to form more glycosides, making the tea soup thicker and thicker, the throat rhyme deeper and deeper, and the irritation to the stomach and intestines will be more severe. Come smaller and smaller.
The simplest glycoside in the △ diagram is the condensation of glucose on the left and gallic acid on the right.
Second, alkaloids are diuretic and refreshing, but increase the burden on the liver
What are the consequences of replacing water with tea every day? (The effect of contained substances on the body)
The alkaloids in tea mainly include: caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline, which are important components for the taste of tea. While refreshing, the alkaloids must pass through the liver to be excreted from the body. If a person with a bad liver, coupled with a lot of tea drinking, is very harmful to the liver.
While promoting metabolism, dehydration will also occur. So it is necessary to drink tea in moderation.
Third, amino acids make tea taste fresh and refreshing, but it can also cause physical discomfort
What are the consequences of replacing water with tea every day? (The effect of contained substances on the body)
The free amino acids in tea are the main components that make up the refreshing taste of tea soup. Tea contains 25 kinds of amino acids, including 6 kinds of 8 kinds of amino acids needed by the human body.
Theanine and glutamic acid in tea have a certain effect on alleviating mood and lowering blood pressure.
However, excessive amounts of amino acids can cause physical discomfort, especially for tea lovers who have a normal digestive system.
Although Chunmee Tea is a healthy drink, it should not be drunk too much. Drinking it instead of water is highly recommended. Drink tea and water appropriately, reduce the intake of carbonated drinks, etc., and you will find that your body is developing in a good direction.