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Choose your cut according to your hair type

Lid sinds 05 dec 2019

With an oval face, you can afford, or almost, the long haired boy haircut.
A thin face will be particularly enhanced by a short cut. Fans of long hair will prefer a gradient.
Your face is rather long Bet on a cut that will break the volumes, with a work on the locks that frame the face.
The triangular faces will be able to turn towards the fringe, which makes it possible to balance the proportions, and a short or semi-long cut.

Choose your cut according to your hair type
If straight or floppy hair can do almost anything, things are more complicated for curly or frizzy hair. It all depends on the spring of the loop: it is he who determines how the hair is positioned once dry. Short curly, square curly, voluminous mid-long, maxi curls ...: we therefore take the time to explain well to our hairdresser what we want.

Like many people, you sometimes want to change your mind. So, at the hairdresser, you take with you a photo of the cut of your dreams. But, will it really suit you? To find out, study the shape of your face.
How do I know the shape of my face?
To find out what shape your face is, take care to examine it carefully. To do this, place yourself in a room with a mirror and well lit. Clear your face well; tie your hair buy lace wigs uk at the back if necessary. Then, using a tape measure, measure the width of your forehead and the length of your face. For your jaw, measure it and multiply the figure obtained by two.