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China WPC Wood Doors Manufacturers Introduces The Details Of Custom Wooden Doors

Lid sinds 17 nov 2021

China WPC Wood Doors Manufacturers introduces the method of customizing wooden doors:

Wooden door customization is generally divided into three processes: pre-sales, production, and after-sales. Therefore, when customizing, the customer needs to place an order before the sale, and then the merchant will issue a design rendering according to the actual needs of the customer, and then the quotation and other links .

When making, the wooden door manufacturer will make the wooden door according to the design renderings and the customer's selection of materials, and then will come to the door to install the wooden door.

In the later stage, it is mainly to provide after-sales service for wooden door products according to the signed agreement. The specific after-sales service regulations are different for each wooden door manufacturer.

Therefore, from the perspective of the three processes of pre-sales, production and after-sales, the production time of wooden doors can range from three days to two months, depending on the number of customer customizations, the complexity of the process, and the work efficiency of the wooden door manufacturers. .

For the wooden door customization time, it is generally stated in the contract, so before signing the contract, be sure to determine the relevant items in the contract, especially the delivery time and after-sales service.