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China Rice Planting Machine Is More Quality

Lid sinds 23 sep 2020
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Nowadays, with the government's emphasis on agriculture, our country's agriculture has been well developed. In the environment of agricultural development, China Rice Planting Machine also came into being. This planter is mainly used in the southern region of our country, because the southern region mainly grows seedlings. With the support of the government, the scale of seedling planting in the south has been expanding, so for farmers, cultivating and planting seedlings has become a headache.

1. Greatly increase the seedling rate

Compared with the traditional seedling raising method, the seedling raising rate is greatly improved after using a fully automatic seedling planter. Moreover, if you use the traditional method of raising seedlings, you need to be guarded by someone in the process of raising seedlings. If it is a small-scale production, this can be done. However, after the expansion of the scale, this method is obviously no longer practical. Therefore, after the introduction of seedling planters, there is no need for special guards during the seedling process, which liberates manpower and saves some production costs for farmers.

2. Greatly speed up the seeding speed

Compared with the traditional seeding method, the seeding speed is greatly accelerated after using a fully automatic seedling planter. Moreover, even if the scale of production is small, using traditional manpower to plant seedlings, after planting an acre of field, you will always be too tired to lift your waist, let alone planting seedlings on such a large scale today.

In addition, compared to manual planting, Corn Thresher planting is more even. In addition, there is no need to worry about subsequent maintenance at all, because its maintenance method is particularly simple, and it does not require professionals to repair it, and it can be repaired by itself. Moreover, at the time of purchase, the store will also provide maintenance instructions, if you don’t understand it, you can refer to the instructions.