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China Custom Bolt Wholesaler Cleans The Products

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  1, from the appearance of oil maintenance, this step is also carried out when the product leaves the factory. The tools for cleaning stainless steel are rags and stainless steel oil. This is to pour stainless steel oil on the rag (note: stainless steel oil should not be used too much, otherwise it will leave marks), and then scrub the stainless steel and place items back and forth until all the stains are removed .


  2, if the stainless steel Hexagon Socket Head Bolt that has been used for a long time is used again, you can wipe it with a clean cloth, and then continue to scrub the stainless steel objects back and forth until the stainless steel oil is wiped clean and the steel products become bright and stop running. If frosting is still found, the above process should be repeated immediately until the cleaning stops.


  3, when China Custom Bolt Wholesaler cleans any item, most stains will be removed first. The commonly used method is washing or scrubbing. Stainless steel is the choice of scrubbing method to wipe most of the dust on the surface of stainless steel, so that the overall appearance of stainless steel is relatively clean.