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The thought: A participant's hammer strikes the anvil, and sparks fly. Suddenly, he receives a message: Congratulations, you just... You're currently a master of this smithing skill.... He goes to Thurgo, pays 99k, gets the cape, and that is OSRS gold the end of it. How about this..."Well, I will provide you a cape, but first you'll have to help me" "What can I do?" If you can help me, you'll have my cape""Okay... what should I do first/Could I simply pay rather?" "Get me.../Alright, that's 99k".

And so forth. There would be a last challenge for every skill, equivilant to a intermediate quest. However, you could just pay instead. It would only need that ability, but you would need to have 99 in that ability (obviously). . Don't hesitate to suggest. I have not got all of the skills up yet.

This doesn't apply to the pursuit cape. Agility: A mega-difficult agility course/challenge. That is all I've got so far.

This skill is a fun, free way of earning gold and silver treasures. This ability will lead you into new, unexplored areas, and will lead you to find buried wealth from early times. This skill also lets you meet new friends, and challenges you by which you Old school runescape gold manage a team of NPCs and managing money and how it's distributed among your team. Have fun and enjoy!