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Ahead of the campaign, Upton embarked on an expedition trip to Churchill, Manitoba - known as the "polar bear capital of the world" - last November, to see just how the bears are being impacted by global warming. There, she and PBI chief scientist Dr. Steven C. Armstrup discovered the animals in their natural habitat and learned how their hunting conditions are being negatively affected.

But what about fashion Yes, across all boards these jackets and anything with Canada Goose on it constitutes fashion by definition. The desire and trend to wear Canada Goose only continues to grow in North America and adds a wonderful piece of clothing to anyone's winter essentials.

Some other details that I enjoy: the knit cuffs, the insulated wind guard that separates CG coats from most Moncler coats, which are not wind - resistant, two interior pockets-one zippered and one drop - in, and interior shoulder straps which allow you Canada Goose Vest to wear it as a backpack.

With the traditional pomp and circumstance of their exhibition taken away, it's the films themselves that have received the spotlight. That's what makes this city unique and why TIFF has become a global brand: It is because of its mission to celebrate stories from people all over the world, and in doing so, creating a more profound sense of community.

This powerful perspective - which she draws from her Anishinaabe heritage - is just one of the many rituals and rhythms Sarain is practicing as she, along with the rest of us, finds ways to navigate life in quarantine. Here are the practices this activist, storyteller and dancer is calling upon as she seeks to find serenity - and even joy - in the ups and downs of life in self - isolation.