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Through this experience, Upton says she's learned that sea ice is integral to not only the bears' survival but the planet's. "Polar bears are the messengers of climate threats we all face," she says.

I personally witnessed its fast spread when I came to the US to attend a high school near NYC in 2014. At that time, there were 100 students in my class, and approximately 50 of them own at least 1 Canada Goose parka.

On her mission, Upton learned that the number of polar bears on the western shore of Hudson Bay, where Churchill is located, has declined 30 in the last thirty years, and that if the Arctic continues to warm, 2 3 of Canada Goose Outlet the world's polar bears could be lost over the next thirty. "What affects them, affects us all," says Upton.

Analogue is in again, and getting behind your camera will remind you to look at something every day in an unexpected way. All of a sudden a street's composition seems interesting, a skyline surreal.

Ski - wear meets the streets in Canda Goose's new collection. Made using ultra - fine merino wool, the piece features nylon fabric on the hood and shoulders and uses Canada Goose's proprietary Thermal Mapping technology which uses strategic stitching to alleviate overheating across the upper back, under the sleeves and down the sides of the body.

The model is no stranger to using her platform for a good cause. In the past, she and husband Justin Verlander, a pitcher for the Houston Astros, have hosted dog - adoption events to provide service dogs to military veterans.