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Bolt Factory Anti-corrosion Means

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        All industrially developed countries attach great importance to the development of Full Threaded Stud, especially mold standard parts. Because the mold is a product formed by the tool. Mold standard parts can play a certain role in ensuring the quality of industrial products. As China's economy enters a stable period, the industrial structure is gradually optimized, and the quality requirements for industrial products are becoming higher and higher. This requires higher and higher standards for mold standard parts. China's mold standard parts must be Will develop towards the high end.
       It is understood that due to the late start of my country's mold standardization, at present, my country's mold standard parts have long been characterized by few varieties and specifications, small production scale, unsmooth circulation, many low-end and high-end products. The standard parts of high-end molds produced by some foreign-funded enterprises are affected by their high price and their promotion and application. For my country's mold standard parts companies, there is too little concentration, China Fasteners is too much and too loose, and product quality can not keep up; for the mold standard parts market, disorderly competition is the market is chaotic.