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Biodegradable disposable tableware

Lid sinds 28 sep 2021

   Biodegradable disposable tableware will be used more and more frequently. In the 21st century, disposable tableware has brought convenience to people's life, especially with the development of the fooddelivery industry,  plastic straw wholesale Worldwide the world consumes about 16 billion single-use coffee cups a year and throws away 1 billion plastic straws a day, a huge amount of consumption that sends about 8 million tons of plastic waste into
the ocean each year, which conservatively takes 450 years to degrade.With the requirements of the current global ban plastic and limit plastic, biodegradable will become the inevitable trend in the future. Now, the common ways of plastic processing are still burning cremation, resulting in a large number of greenhouse gases into the air. On the contrary, disposable degradable lunch box is buried in the soil degradation, the carbon dioxide directly into the soil organic matter or is absorbed by plants, not into the air, No greenhouse effect. Today, let's take a look at the common types of disposable, biodegradable
meal boxes.
  1.Paper pulp molded tableware (Plant fiber molded tableware)
  Paper pulp molding tableware products in the plastic on the road to have certain advantages, first in terms of raw materials, paper pulp molding disposable lunch box plants such as wheat straw, sugarcane fiber as raw material, don't add any PP material, through molded pulp wet compression molding process, waterproof and oil food grade additives is added in the pulp, achieve the effect of hot and cold food.Vegetable fiber degradable lunch box is the most active type of lunch box in the market at present.  cornstarch tray wholesale Take Hainan Province, which took the lead in banning plastic, for example, hainan province has completely banned the use, circulation, sale and storage of plastic tableware. Pulp moulded tableware is undoubtedly the ideal alternative to plastic.Sugarcane pulp disposable lunch box belongs to the fully degradable type of lunch box, which can be completely degraded into organic matter in 90 days under the condition of industrial composting or home composting, and return to nature.
  2.Cornstarch based tableware
  Corn starch degradable meal box is made of natural corn starch and plant fiber as the base material, supplemented by biological polyester, polyols and other materials processing.Corn starch meal box in
the soil and natural environment can be naturally degraded, degradation rate according to the composition of meal box can reach 60%-80%, to a certain extent, can replace plastic products, reduce the whitepollution to the environment. It is an ideal substitute for the widely used but controversial "sterilized tableware" in the catering market.
  3.PLA degradable tableware
  PLA degradable lunch box usually refers to the product combining PLA composite film and pulp molding product in the pulp molding process, that is, PLA coated product.PLA composite film is a completely degradable film produced and processed from PLA as raw material which can be recombined on paper pulp molding and paper products by heating.Polylactic acid (PLA) is a novel biodegradable material
made from starch derived from renewable plant resources such as maize. Glucose was obtained from starch by saccharification, and then lactic acid with high purity was fermented from glucose and certain
strains, and then polylactic acid with certain molecular weight was synthesized by chemical synthesis. It has good biodegradability, and can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature after use, and
eventually generate carbon dioxide and water. environment, which is very beneficial to the protection of the environment, and is recognized as environmentally friendly material.In view of the advantages of PLA, the combination of the laminating processwith the paper pulp molding product can not only save the use of waterproof and oil-proof agent, but also play a better role in sealing the air hole of the paper pulp molding product, so that the original product cannot prevent alcohol can prevent alcohol leakage. At the same time after sealing the air hole, tableware in the actual use of the process of reducing the product's air permeability, heat preservation performance is higher, heat preservation time is longer.
  Biodegradable disposable tableware is an advanced environmental protection product. It takes starch as the main raw material, cold drink paper cup wholesale adds annual long-term plant fiber powder and special additives, and makes biological full degradation fast-food box through chemical and physical processing. Starch is a biodegradable natural polymer, which is decomposed into glucose and finally into water and carbon dioxide under the action of microorganisms. Hyde Company is a professional supplier of biodegradable tableware. Company to develop paper industry, protect the ecological environment, maintain human health for the purpose, the use of advanced technology and equipment, selection of high-quality raw materials, to provide customers with green products.