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The Best Bow Build in New World

Lid sinds 17 sep 2021

There are lots of different weapons in New World. The bow may be one of the most reliable and versatile weapons. Suitable for single target damage, the bow excels at PVP, although with the right build the weapon can also be used for Expeditions.

If becoming Aeternum’s best bowman is of interest to you, then you’ll need to properly distribute your attributes, equip the essential armor and secondary weapon, and put your mastery points in their proper place. So in this article, let’s see everything that needs to know about creating the best bow build.

Bow damage scales with Dexterity. You should primarily be putting all your attribute points into Dexterity every time you level up while putting an occasional point or two into Constitution to keep your health hearty in addition to your secondary weapon’s primary stat.

New World operates off a classless system, you can use two weapons at any given time, and with the available options, there’s plenty of weapon and skill combinations. So speaking of the secondary weapon, your best options would be either the rapier or the spear. Like the bow, the rapier has skill trees that can let you focus on damage or evasion, but the spear has more crowd control options. Also, the 20-percent damage bonus from the Light armor weight should be your go-to option for bows!

Most of the time, you should get all your active and passive abilities from the Skirmisher tree. The bow has two options, Skirmisher and Hunter. The Skirmisher tree is focused on dealing damage over time, using AoE abilities, and slowing down your enemies, while the Hunter tree is raw damage output. So, your core active abilities should be Rapid Shot from the Hunter tree and Rain of Arrows and Poison Shot from the Skirmisher tree.

Rapid Shot: Your character shoots three arrows in a row. The first two arrows deal 100% weapon damage, while the last one deals 125% weapon damage. Additionally, the last arrow knockbacks foes. This skill provides the greatest possible burst damage on the bow.

Rain of Arrows: This launches a barrage of arrows 7m wide that deals 150% weapon damage. The arrows also inflict bleed and slow debuff on the enemies.

Poison Shot: This shoots an arrow that leaves a 3m wide poisonous cloud for 10 seconds upon hitting an enemy or surface. This is a great skill that does AoE damage over time.

Over time you inflict much more damage and keep your enemies at a distance.

Players can craft bow with materials found while exploring and find them throughout regular gameplay in New World. It is found as loot in chests and containers, as loot dropped by slain enemies and bosses as quest rewards, or buy new world coins through Buynewworldcoins.com to obtain bow.

The build mentioned above will provide the highest possible damage with the bow. New World will upcoming September 28 release; if you want to know more guides, please click here!