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Automated Use Of Mochi Ice Cream Machine

Lid sinds 06 mei 2021
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      Mochi Ice Cream Machine has an automatic working principle, which works fast and saves energy. The machine is equipped with sike photoelectric, speed-regulating motor, frequency converter, and SAMPLA conveyor belt. The noodle belt is pressed through the main machine, the surface is evenly pressed against the roller, the dough is uniformly stressed, and the oil is automatically supplied (the amount of oil can be set with the oil valve), Equipped with automatic sprinkling device (salt, flour, green onion, etc.) to roll into strips, which are shaped by a knife cutting mechanism to produce finished products.


 The noodles kneaded by the kneading machine are rolled into strips, enter the shaping mechanism, and output through the conveyor belt after kneading, and are shaped and cut according to the set parameters.


The steamed bun machine mainly has the following structures:


   1. Noodle feeding structure; 2. Noodle pressing structure; 3. Electrical control part; 4. Rolling noodle mechanism; 5. Cutter mechanism; 6. Transmission and conveying mechanism; 7. Frame


  The principles of bionic physics and automation technology applied to the professional round bun machine can produce steamed buns independently and continuously after power-on. The main parts are made of high-quality stainless steel by one-step stamping. The parts that contact the food material are food-grade stainless steel. The original electrical parts are made of big-name products, which are beautiful in appearance and hygienic. The steamed bun machine adopts high-quality microcomputer control, humanized control panel, accurate and reliable control. It can be operated freely in 5 minutes. High degree of automation and accurate quantification make the size of the product uniform. The thickness, shape, and size of the steamed bread noodles can be adjusted at will. One or two people can operate it. Reasonable structure, easy to disassemble and repair, and easy to clean. Cookies Making Machine manufacturers' steamed bread machines do not require high flour quality, and can make miscellaneous grains, fruit and vegetable steamed bread, etc. The body is neat and not bloated, suitable for various workplaces. The working efficiency of the steamed bun machine is equivalent to that of 12 to 18 workers making steamed buns by hand at the same time. It is a real low-input, high-efficiency, investment-saving production equipment and entrepreneurial project. Some large-scale noodle processing places, steamed bun chain stores, small and medium-sized steamed buns shops and steamed bun wholesalers are suitable for use. The steamed bun machine has rich production styles, simple operation, high production efficiency, clean, and cost-saving is a food machinery and equipment with obvious production advantages.