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That alone would undo any QoL updates intended

Lid sinds 15 nov 2019

People will have homes within a week easily. A couple hours at you and blacksmith have the Dofus Kamas to get a home. Do they actually think it will take people per month or anything to get 1mk? This isn't Dofus 1.29 as it was originally, we're all a lot more experienced and aren't 10 years old, we'll progress a whole lot faster. Kralove changes are amazing though. Feels good to not be forced to play with a 4 sadi team.easy to teleport into guild house and set all things in chest then return to whatever youre doing.

Its extremely frustrating to exchange between characters to store in 1 accounts bank because you can just do 1 char at a time before pods are full, then store all the items, then exchange over more etc etc.. Just throwing it in a torso is super simple. Profesions are slow to par and most teams dont have a strength character because people go for int teams. So you have pods that are 1k. That fills up extremely fast, especially if youre using enus.Yeah which was anticipated. I can purchase a subscription with Dofus kamas I've on ilyzaelle, but the prices are high, do you think that they'll become much higher because of Dofus retro and I need to purchase?

Well the more you have the more you can get and there is sometimes an amount of overall prospecting (the prospecting sum of your group ) to transcend in order to loot.Having some enu's will help as they're fantastic boosters, can slow down and can still deal some damages. I will personally have 3 from 8 chars.Enu will be cha anyways (unless in case you truly want to do something first ). In the early match, playing cha rather than any other element just to improve your loot won't enhance it by a lot, using 20 prospecting more than someone else can help but will not be overly different.Tell me should you need more info or more information or if you would like me to elaborate on anything.

Can Dofus 1.29 feel super choppy to anyone? I was 10 years old when I played Dofus 1.29 so maybe I dont remember and it had been always like that, but when I play the new Dofus it seems very fluid and smooth. I believe the older Cheap Dofus Kamas is capped in a lower amount of FPS but it shouldn't freeze or lag in case you have a decent connection and especially not if 2.52 is not having the matter, it's quite the opposite in my case.The 3 courses that I wish to pick from are Ecas, Fecas, and Iops, going in that priority. Are these courses powerful in Dofus 1.29? So not the most practical Feca is rather good in solo and fine but maybe not the best to grind Iop has damages in mid-century game, not as much in eca is random.